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David Thomas Iseley



        Professor at Indiana University and Purdue University at Indianapolis Chair of the Board, Buried Asset Management Institute—International


A. Professional Preparation

  •         1988 Ph.D. Purdue University

  •         1976 MBA University of Alabama in Birmingham

  •         1973 BSCE University of Alabama in Birmingham


  •         2007-Present Independent Buried Infrastructure Consultant

  •         2005-2007 President and Chief Operating Officer, Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC

  •         2004-2005 Director of Special Projects, HydroMax USA, LLC President, Water and Sewer Innovative Resources (WASIR) Executive Director, Buried Asset Management Institute-International

        2003-2004 Independent Buried Infrastructure Consultant Vice Chairman, Blackhawk-PAS, Inc. Director of Development, Buried Asset Management Institute (BAMI), Department of Watershed Management, City of Atlanta

  •         2000-2003 President, Blackhawk-PAS, Inc. (Pipeline Assessment Services) 1995-2000 President, Iseley Enterprises, Inc., (R & D Consultant).

  •         1994-1995 Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Construction Technology, IUPUI-Purdue University School of Engineering & Technology; Indianapolis, Indiana

  •         1989-1994 Director, Trenchless Technology Center(TTC), Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA.

  •         1988-1994 Associate/Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Louisiana Tech University; Ruston, LA.

C. selected Publications -- Related

  •         Iseley, D.T., Najafi, M. And Tanwani, R., (Editors), “Trenchless Construction Methods and Soil Compatibility Manual,” National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA), Arlington, VA, July 1999.

  •         Iseley, D.T., “An Introduction to Pipeline Assessment, Replacement and Rehabilitation,”Prepared for Parsons Engineering Science, Inc.(PES), Pasadena, CA. June 25, 1999. (A technical manual that was presented to PES representatives and a delegation from South America).

  •         Iseley, D.T. and Gokhale, S.B.,"Trenchless Installation of Conduits Beneath Roadways,"A Synthesis of Highway Practice Manual,National Cooperative Highway Research Program,(NCHRP)Synthesis 242,Topic 27-01,Transportation Research Board,Washington, D.C.,National Academy Press, 1997, 82p.

  •         Iseley, D.T. and Najafi, M., “Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation Manual,"National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA),Arlington, VA,May 1995, 81p.NUCA has sold over 2,000 copies.

  •         Bennett, D., Khan, S., and Iseley, D.T., “Mini-Horizontal Directional Drilling: Field Evaluation at WES,” U.S. Corps of Engineers-Waterways Experiment Station, Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) Technical Report No. 102, CPAR (Construction Productivity Advancement Research) Program, Ruston, LA, June 1994, 59p.

C. selected Publications – Other

  •         Bennett, D., Khan, S., Iseley, T. And McCrary, S., “Mini-Horizontal Directional Drilling: State-of-the-Art Review,” U.S.Corps of Engineers-Waterways Experiment Station, Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) Technical Report, CPAR (Construction Productivity Advancement Research) Program, Ruston, LA, June 1994, 76p.

  •         Iseley, T. and Cowling, D.H., “Horizontal Directional Drilling-Obstacle Detection,”Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) Technical Report No. 222-9218, Pipeline Research Council (PRC) and the American Gas Association (AGA), Ruston, LA, June 1993, 117p.

  •         Iseley, D.T. and Tanwani, R., “Trenchless Excavation Construction- Equipment and Methods Manual,” National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA), Arlington, VA, First Edition January 1992, Second Edition July 1993.NUCA has sold over 3,000 copies.This publication was endorsed by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), and it was winner of the Equipment World magazine 1992 Readers' Choice Award, 65p.

  •         Iseley, D.T., “Trenchless Technology-The Revolution Beneath Our Feet,"The Global Review of Underground Space,"Green Global Publications, Inc.,Bridgeport,CT,1991.This publication was sponsored by the American Underground-Construction Association (AUCA), Minneapolis, MN.

  •         Hancher, D.E., White, T.D., and Iseley, D.T.,"Construction Specifications for Highway Projects Requiring Horizontal Earth Boring and/or Pipe Jacking Techniques,"A Technical Report,Sponsored by the Joint Highway Research Project (JHRP C-36-672),Purdue University and the Indiana Department of  Transportation,July 7, 1989.

    Patent No.: 7164476,Title: Apparatus and method for detecting pipeline defects, Issue date: January 16, 2007

Synergistic Activities

        In 1987, Dr. Iseley was invited by SBCCI to assist with an educational program requested by the Chinese Government.Dr. Iseley conducted a six-day seminar both in Shanghai and Beijing, China, on the design and construction of water and wastewater facilities.

Collaborators & Other Affiliations

        Sigma Xi; Tau Beta Pi; American Arbitration Association; American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE); International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT); North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT)-Past Chairman; Currently serving Board of Directors of American Underground-Space Association, Inc. (AUA); National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) Past Chairman of Trenchless Technology Committee; Transportation Research Board (TRB) Serving on A2K04 Committee, Subsurface Soil-Structure Interaction; from 1993-1998 served on the ASCE Executive Committee for the Construction Division; currently serving as chairman of the ASCE Codes and Standards Committee developing Construction Guidelines for Microtunneling; 1993 NUCA Associate Member of the Year; Louisiana Tech University, College of Engineering Outstanding Achievement Award in Service,1992-1993; Trenchless Technology Person-of –the Year, 1993; Engineering Faculty Professional Award, 1992; America’s Trenchless Champion, 1992; AGC Outstanding Educator Award, 1992; J.M. Todd Technological Accomplishment Medal, 1992; T.L. James Construction Co. Faculty Award for Outstanding Research Achievement, 1990-1991; J. T. Folk Assistant Professor of Construction Chair Position, 1990; and the 1995ASCE John O. Bickel Award; 1999 ASCE Stephen D. Bechtel Pipeline Engineering Award.

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